Van Life

Do you ever get the urge to live the dream and take up van life? To travel with complete freedom, wake up by the ocean or the forest, simplify your life, live as your own boss, work on fulfilling your dreams and desires, and satisfy that wanderlust? Yeh, me too. Travelling in a van seems … More Van Life

Save the Bees

Bees are in danger due to a deadly mix of pesticides, parasites and climate change. The role bees play in pollination means that they are crucial to our food supply. A third of all our food depends on their pollination in order to fertilise the plants so they can produce fruit, vegetables and seeds. Without … More Save the Bees

Connect with Nature

I’m currently living in an urban city environment and have been feeling a strong disconnect with nature. My body and soul are craving fresh air, the ocean, trees, flowers and sunshine. I want to hear the birds calling and interact with animals. I know that as soon as I am connected with nature I feel … More Connect with Nature