Improve wellbeing with a beautiful space

Your surroundings have a lot more influence on your thoughts and feelings than you might think. In fact, studies have revealed that your perception of the beauty of your immediate environment is directly related to your wellbeing and overall health.

To come home to an organised, beautiful and breathable space is likely to make you feel in control, revitalised and inspired. And if you work from home, this kind of space is especially important. Arriving home from work to a cluttered space, on the other hand, isn’t going to lower your cortisol levels anytime soon and may make you feel fatigues, stressed and unhappy.

Beach abode (1 of 1)

One way to make a space feel beautiful is to decorate it with objects that bring you happiness. These objects could be anything from your favourite artwork, decorative pillows or rugs, crystals, books, elegant furniture, dried flowers, a surfboard, a salt lamp, a standing closet with your favourite clothes, or lots of plants! It’s also great to decorate your space with items you’ve created yourself. For example, you might like to paint an artwork (using your room theme colours) to hang on your wall or make up a vision board to pin on your wall for a daily dose of inspiration.


It’s helpful to stick to a colour scheme and consider how these colours might influence your mood. I wanted to create a relaxed, beachy and bohemian bedroom and so chose a palette of aqua, coral, shades of pink, white, wood and leafy greenery. This complements my style, makes me feel right at home and inspired to dream. It also complements the natural light that washes over the room. It’s important to try and make the most of the natural light entering your room and position your desk or bed so that they are exposed to this light. If your room is dim, try choosing a lighter colour scheme and adding a mirror or two to brighten up your room.

Bedside bedroom (1 of 1)

Don’t be afraid to splash out a little to decorate your room in ways that you bring you joy. After sharing a room with my twin sister for 19 years and sleeping in a single bed for 21 years, it filled me with so much joy to be able to create a room from scratch that was wholly my own and to invest in ethical, sustainable and toxic-free products. Even though this was a lot of money to spend initially, it was totally worth it. I had been cultivating my vision for my dream room on a Pinterest board for many months and knew that these items would be an investment for years to come that aligned with my values and would bring me happiness, inspiration and productivity. Some of my favourite local, ethical and sustainable brands for curating a beautiful space are:

If you’re short on money, op shops are a great way to find unique treasures. DIY projects are also fantastic. I’m still yet to sort out a bed base but am planning on converting four wooden crates into a platform bed base (much cheaper than buying a new base and definitely more satisfying). And I swear any room can be made beautiful by an abundance of plants! I only have two plants at the moment, but the vision is to get MANY more. Not only do they look beautiful, they are incredible for purifying your air and making you feel oh-so-zen. And speaking of air, choosing a natural scent is great for enhancing mood, relaxation and productivity. A diffuser with essential oils, incense sticks, natural scented candle or palo santo are all wonderful for this purpose.

Desk bedroom (1 of 1)

Once you’ve created your dream room space, it’s important to keep it clean. I put aside a short amount of time each day to make sure my bed is made, my clothes are put away, my plants are watered and I’ve sorted out any clutter.

And that’s it, my guide to improving wellbeing through the creation of your own beautiful sanctuary! I hope I have inspired you in some way to create a space that lifts you up and brightens your mood for a more productive, positive and happy life.

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