Van Life

Do you ever get the urge to live the dream and take up van life? To travel with complete freedom, wake up by the ocean or the forest, simplify your life, live as your own boss, work on fulfilling your dreams and desires, and satisfy that wanderlust?


Yeh, me too.

Travelling in a van seems to offer so much more freedom to determine the time spent in each location and not worry about organising transport or booking accomodation along the way. It also offers the ability to sleep underneath a blanket of stars and wake with the sun to a picturesque view. And an in-built kitchen equals cooking on the road to save money.


But vans aren’t just for travelling, people live in them too. In addition to saving money, living in a van can really reduce your carbon footprint considering you’re combining your home and vehicle in one and are limiting your electricity and water use (especially if you deck out your van with solar panels). And when you want to live in an area where rent is sky-high (ahem… Byron Bay), living in a van can be a great move.

82543789_2944729978894734_710741118106468352_n (1)

Have you ever lived in a van? I’d love to know more about your experience!

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