Sun and Moon Sign

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of astrology and how the position of the sun, moon, stars and planets at the exact time of our birth could somehow have an influence on the person we are to become. But anything I had looked at was only to do with my sun sign, mere surface level astrology. Or I would come across those trivial horoscopes dished out in magazines (which have no truth to them by the way).

Most people are familiar with their sun sign and what this means. And while important, the sun sign is but one aspect of the birch chart. Your chart is actually very complex and there is a reason why astrologists have studied for years and offer lengthy (and often quite expensive) consultations.

But if you’re interested in educating yourself and deciphering your own birth chart (as well as maybe those of the ones closest to you), then there are plenty of online resources, books and podcasts that you can use to help you (or at least get you started).

The three most important aspects of the chart are your sun sign (“your soul” as the sun rules your personality), moon sign (“your heart” as the moon rules your emotional core) and your rising sign/ascendant (“your outer appearance” and attitude towards life). But I emphasise again how much more to your birth chart there is and the meanings you can gain from it upon deeper exploration. For example, the different houses that certain planets are in indicate such things as material security, social and intellectual learning, home and family…

But with regard to your sun, moon and rising signs, I have listed a brief summary of each sign below. For the record, my sun is in Scorpio, moon in Aquarius and rising in Leo (see the image below of my sun and moon sign pendant from ethical jewellery maker, YCL Jewels).


Sign Summary

  • Aries (fire sign) – assertive, bold, enterprising, creative, energetic and confident.
  • Taurus (earth sign) – stable, patient, reliable, affectionate, down-to-earth and dedicated.
  • Gemini (air sign) – Friendly, intelligent, active, adaptable, curious and creative.
  • Cancer (water sign) – Sensitive, emotional, caring, humorous, reactive and sentimental.
  • Leo (fire sign) – Creative, passionate, gregarious, humorous, warm-hearted and ambitious.
  • Virgo (earth sign) – Efficient, practical, diligent, loyal, intelligent and shy.
  • Libra (air sign) – Sociable, friendly, cooperative, open-minded, creative and idealistic.
  • Scorpio (water sign) – Determined, passionate, private, quite, sexual, deep and complex.
  • Sagittarius (fire sign) – Intelligent, extroverted, philosophical, witty, competitive and optimistic.
  • Capricorn (earth sign) – Responsible, patient, focused, practical, reserved and conventional.
  • Aquarius (air sign) – Unconventional, impulsive, friendly, gregarious, inventive and spontaneous.
  • Pisces (water sign) – Imaginative, sensitive, idealistic, spiritual, friendly and open-minded.

Whether you believe in astrology or think it’s a bit of fun, I hope this information has sparked some interest within you to explore your own chart in the name of personal growth. You never know what it will reveal about you and what truths will strike home!


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