Lifepath 1

Do you know your lifepath number? Numerology has offered me so many insights about my strengths, weaknesses and purpose . If you are open to the idea, it may really help you to understand yourself and your psychology.


As a lifepath 1 (derived from 37/10), I am supposedly here to create higher forms of healing, beauty and inspiration. I read this description today and was surprised to realise that this is exactly what I’ve been trying to create through my blog and instagram account. The description of this lifepath number also mentions a great ability to express oneself creatively (whether through art, photography, dancing, design, writing or other means) and a deep connection with the natural world. Creative expression has always been the foundational pillar of my life and my connection with nature has only continued to strengthen.

Tallebudgera sunset

Those with a lifepath 1 require regular exercise to keep energy channels open and flowing, which resonates with the heightened sense of happiness and life I feel after moving my body. In addition, the purpose of those with the lifepath 1 is to supposedlyΒ  develop and master innovative creativity, confidence, independence, originality and achievement. It is important that they learn to express what they are truly passionate about using their own unique voice.


There is plenty more information about this lifepath number, but I encourage you to take some time to explore your own lifepath number. Find out what it means and see whether it resonates with you.Β  It might fuel your self growth journey and, if nothing else, is a bit of fun.


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