Sustainable Swimwear

As consumers, we hold immense power by voting with our dollar for the world that we wish to create. This extends to the clothing we purchase. Though op shops are a great place to stock up on second hand goods and save clothing from going to landfill, they’re not that great for finding swimmers (let alone ones you actually want to wear). And I do love fashion.


Enter the sustainable swimwear company from Byron Bay, Le Buns. Le Buns makes their swimwear from regenerated nylon, recycled from discarded fish nets dumped at sea. Their swimwear is designed carefully so that it is highly versatile and can be styled over 10 ways and counting. It can even be transformed from a two piece into a one piece! This encourages longevity of wear and for consumers to choose well and buy less.


I chose the classic black colour and high-waist bottoms which make the swimmers so beautifully timeless. I know I will continue to wear them over and over again, styled in many different ways. They also come with a free sustainable wash bag to prevent microplastics from entering our waterways and impacting marine life.


Not sponsored, just so happy to have found a stylish and sustainable swimwear brand just down the road in sunny Byron Bay.

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