An Ode to Earth


One day late, but every day should be Earth day. We do not live in isolation from our surroundings. We co-exist with everything on this wondrous Earth. The beauty in nature is unmatched. Its variations of existence are staggering and perfectly imperfect, just like humans ourselves.

Sunset (1 of 1)

Although modern society has caused many to lose their sense of connection to our Earth, I encourage you to dig deep to find that thread again. Climb a tree. Bury your feet in the sand. Feel the fresh, cool oxygen fill your lungs as you walk through a rainforest. Bathe in the sun’s warmth. Study the stars.


And as much as the Earth gives to you, be grateful. But more importantly, give back. Plant something, buy organic, clean up rubbish from the beach, start a compost bin, ride your bike, buy second-hand, support local, keep a zero waste kit, turn off the power, have shorter showers, use natural cleaning and personal care products, fix it instead of throwing it, turn off the power, don’t waste food, adopt a plant-based lifestyle, open windows instead of using air-conditioner…

edible flowers 1 (1 of 1)planting fruit trees (1 of 1)The SourceIMG_4453raw rainbow salad 2 (1 of 1)

These are just some of the ways you can lighten your footprint on the Earth. You can also be a being of light by spreading positivity, laughter and empowerment; reaching out to those you love and showing them your appreciation; expressing gratitude; and searching for a deep purpose in everything you do.


We are one. The Earth and its inhabitants. We are all one. Let’s coexist.

Sunset (1 of 1)



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