Summer Smoothie Bowl

Strawberry smoothie bowl (1 of 1)

I’ve always been a smoothie lover, but when I tried my first smoothie bowl I became a fanatic. The reasons I love smoothie bowls so much are because they have this wonderful thick, ice-cream like consistency and can have such a wide variation of toppings that add to their taste, nutrition and fun. In summer, I have one almost every morning. Thankfully there are endless combinations so I never get bored!

This smoothie bowl variation is a wonderfully antioxidant-rich and hydrating combination of strawberries, bananas and coconut water. I topped it with my wild crunch-ola granola which is super yummy and packed with calcium, omega 3’s and 6’s, and a range of superfoods.

Wild Crunchola (1 of 1)

I love enjoying my smoothie bowl outside in the sunshine, soaking up that vitamin D and warming energy. I also love listening to a podcast or audiobook while I do so. My favourite podcast at the moment is Simon Hill’s Plant Proof Podcast. Let me know if you would like a blog post sharing more of my recommendations!

Now onto the recipe for that smoothie bowl goodness…


  • 1 cup frozen banana, sliced
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup coconut water
  • Fresh strawberries, halved (for topping)
  • Wild crunch-ola granola


  1. in a high-speed blender, combine the frozen bananas, strawberries, coconut water and hemp protein.
  2. Top with the fresh strawberries and wild cunch-ola granola.
  3. Serve in a zero waste coconut bowl and enjoy in the sunshine!


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