What to do and eat in Prague

I had the most wonderful time in charming, quaint and colourful Prague. Here is a list of everything you must do and where you have to eat at in this wonderful city!

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Charles Bridge for sunrise or sunset

After catching an overnight bus from Berlin, I arrived in Prague at 5 am. Despite being exhausted, it did mean that I got to experience Charles Bridge without all the tourists as the sun rose. I also visited Charles Bridge to watch the sunset . It was absolutely magical the way the pink tones of the sky deepened and darkened while lamps turned on and the architecture was brought into detail. This moment was accompanied by the mesmerising sounds of a talented accordion player.

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Prague Castle

Prague castle can be seen perched atop a hill across the Charles Bridge and is one of the main tourist attractions in Prague. It is a wonderful walk to the top and to explore the gardens.

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Wallenstein Garden

This garden is near Prague castle and sort of had an Italian influence and Alice in Wonderland vibe. Especially interesting is the wall of dripping stone hiding small faces of gargoyles.



Picnic in the Gardens

Be warned, you can’t picnic in Wallenstein Garden (the security guards will be watching you)! So instead we sought out another garden nearby and ended up in a tranquil park away from the tourists. We enjoyed the picnic we had packed, which included some delicious fruits fresh from the market in town. We also had plenty of visits from peacocks and stumbled upon the cutest cottage.

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John Lennon Wall

Snap that picture posing in front of the famous John Lennon wall. And while you’re over this side of the river, pay a visit to the nearby two-storey bookstore stocked with both new and second-hand goods.

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Walking Tour

A walking tour is such a great way of getting your bearings in a new place, learning about the history and meeting new people (especially helpful as a solo traveller). I did my tour with Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour. These guys consistently have outstanding reviews for every major city in Europe. Basically, the way it works is you join the tour and pay what you think it’s worth once the tour finishes. This really makes the guides want to make it engaging, informative and fun! Doing a walking tour was the best decision I could have made as I met the loveliest other solo traveller whom I ended up spending my entire time in Prague with. The tour covered the Old Town Square, Josefov (Jewish Quarter), information about Prague history and more.

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Eat at Maitre

This restaurant offers a vegetarian/vegan take on traditional Czech food. Here we ate the lunch special. Not only was it super cheap, but it tasted divine! The special started with a cream of celery soup, followed  by a vegetable curry with rice. The interior of the restaurant was beautifully peaceful and locals filled the tables (always a good sign).

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Eat at Lleka Hlava

Completely hidden away on a deserted narrow street, Lleka Hlava (meaning “Clear Head”) is situated in a 500-year-old building whose interior has been converted into a lightscape. I ordered the insanely cheap daily special, which consisted of a delicious sweet potato soup and a bean goulash with pita bread and baked potatoes. However, the rest of their extensive menu looked incredible! Everything from hearty Czech-inspired food to raw vegan meals and desserts.

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