13 Ways to be an Eco Babe


  1. Buy a super cute vintage bike to transport yourself around.Vintage bike
  2. Deck out your wardrobe with op shop or suitcase rummage gems (make sure to also let go of some of your old clothes to make way for the new).
  3. Go vegan baby! With animal agriculture being the leading cause of (let’s face it) pretty much everything – from climate change, ocean dead zones and species extinction to world hunger, food safety and heart disease – it’s empowering to think of the difference we can make each and every day just by what we choose to put on our plates.
  4. Skip the plastic bags and make sure to bring a basket, or other reusable bag, with you when buying groceries.
  5. Buy local. Markets are a great way to go (you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and strengthen the local economy).
  6. Try to avoid products with lots of packaging and processed foods.
  7. Read the list of ingredients on the products and foods that you buy. As a general rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce it, you’re probably better off without it! Say no to palm oil and other nasties.
  8. Switch off the TV and read a book.
  9. Try growing a vegetable, fruit or herb garden in your backyard, on your balcony or windowsill. If you don’t have the gift of the green thumb, or forget that plants actually need water to survive, there are some pretty durable plants out there (I’ve managed to keep all my succulents alive so far)Succulents
  10. Always keep a water bottle on you so you don’t have to buy water out. If you love ordering a coffee or tea at a café, invest in a keep-cup to avoid waste.
  11. Use natural and organic health and beauty products or, better yet, trawl the net and make your own (it’s waste-free, great for you and pretty damn cheap)!
  12. If you’ve got 100 problems, coconut oil will solve about 99 of them… You can use it as a moisturiser, conditioner, make it into a bath scrub/lip balm/toothpaste, cook with it… and the list goes on!
  13. Keep a stockpile of scrap paper and used bits of wrapping paper (you never know when they will come in handy to make cards, care packages or wrap gifts for your friends and family). Brown paper bags also double as baking paper for bad-ass baked goods. And where would we be without scrap paper for our endless lists, notes and sketches?

9 thoughts on “13 Ways to be an Eco Babe

  1. I’m currently doing some of these things (so I guess I’m an eco-sorta-hot-person), and wondering if you’ve found any great recipes for homemade hygiene products. I’m hoping to start making some of my own this fall and trying to learn what I can to get started.

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    1. Great question! I’m going to write about DIY health and beauty products in the near future. For example, my first post will be a recipe for natural homemade toothpaste:
      In a glass jar, mix together 1 and a 1/2 tablespoons of bicarb soda, 3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil and 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. Voila: cheap, easy and natural toothpaste!


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